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A Typical Night Boarding


Our Boarding Experience

Do you need to go away for a few days but are not sure what to do with your canine companion? Many dog owners dislike the thought of leaving their dog in a traditional kennel. It is a strange place with minimal interaction with people and other dogs. Dog-Gone Fun offers an alternative to traditional boarding.


Drop-off is between 7-9am, 7 days/week
*No Pickup/Drop off on the following Holidays*

Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Day. 

Our overnight guests are automatically a part of our daycare environment. They will play and romp in our recreation areas all day with our staff and their canine buddies. Dogs are split into play groups according to size and play style.

All dogs receive a formal “quiet time” between 12-2pm but are welcome to take an extra afternoon snooze on the couch if they choose!


Pick-up hours:

  • 4-6pm on Mondays-Saturdays

  • 3-5pm on Sundays

When all our guests have spent their energy for the day, it is close to dinnertime at 5pm. At 6pm, it is lights out at Dog-Gone Fun and all the dogs welcome the solitude of their personal kennels. We return at 9pm for a potty break and the dogs are nestled in for the night.


Our Facility is secured by a monitored security system to keep your dog safe throughout the night. We also have a private web cam system that allows us to monitor all the dogs throughout the night. In the morning, it is up for breakfast and some more playtime.

Ready to schedule?

Call us at (336) 993-2178!


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