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Getting Started with Daycare

The Enrollment Process

1. Eligibility

We accept all dogs who are age appropriate and enjoy socializing safely with other dogs and people. See our Rates & Rules page for specific health regulations.

2. The Interview & Evaluation

The first day of daycare is an evaluation day. We discuss his past history and social skills and any concerns you may have. We slowly integrate your dog into an appropriate playgroup and evaluate his behavior for future daycare and boarding. We take a limited number of new dogs a day.

Please call us at (336) 993-2178 to set up a day for an evaluation. Evaluation days are Monday – Friday.



Our staff is very knowledgeable about dog behavior. To ensure a safe and controlled environment there are rules that are enforced among the dogs.

We periodically disrupt intense play sessions among the dogs. Like children, dogs can get out of hand. The playgroups are always directly supervised. We are knowledgeable in crowd-control.  Any dog who shows aggressive or inappropriate behavior loses play privileges with a short time-out. This entails being with a staff member on lead, or spending time in an enclosure until he exhibits calm behavior. There is no physical punishment at Dog-Gone Fun.

We also promote the philosophy of “Nothing in Life is Free.” Dogs must sit patiently to go through gates and for individual attention. This helps us maintain our leader status. We hope that owners will continue this practice at home also.

Safety & Injuries

Dog-Gone Fun is a safe and supervised environment for your dog to play and socialize. Even in the safest environments accidents can happen. Your dog will be more physically active than he is at home. This increases the chance of cuts, scrapes and sprains caused by activity.  If your dog suffers any “playground injury” we will notify you immediately.

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