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The Dog-Gone Fun Staff

The staff at Dog-Gone Fun has over sixty years of working with canines and meeting their needs.  Dogs are always supervised by our experienced staff who reinforce good dog play, playground manners and on leash manners.


Jan Wilson

Owner, Dog-Gone Fun

Jan Wilson has been working in the dog profession for over 35 years. Jan is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) and is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, a nationally known organization for professional dog trainers. She is also a certified Canine Good Citizen (CGC) evaluator. Jan has worked as a vet technician, kennel manager, and dog trainer. All of her experience inspired Jan to open Dog-Gone Fun, a dog daycare, boarding and training facility. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in biology from the University of Maine. 


She currently teaches all levels of obedience classes, out and about, private lessons and trains puppy day school dogs. She also continues to work with dogs with behavior problems.  Jan’s personal dogs have competed in flyball, trained in search and rescue, K9 Nose Work®, pet therapy and obedience.


Nancy Osborne


Nancy is our K9 Nose Work® instructor, teaching all levels of K9 Nose Work® teams from beginner to Elite. She also works in daycare and teaches obedience.


Nancy is one of only seven Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI) for K9 Nose Work® in the state of North Carolina and truly loves every team she gets to instruct in this exciting sport. Nancy has been part of Dog-Gone Fun’s team since 2010 and has trained and titled three of her Labradors in Elite K9 Nose Work® and one Labrador in Elite Champion and Summit. Her Norwich Terrier a AKC Conformation Champion is trialing in NW2. Nancy is a NACSW Certifying Official and Judge. She is a frequent instructor at K9 Nose Work Camps in GA, PA and CO.

What is K9 Nose Work®? It's is a game and sport designed for dogs which provides an outlet for their natural hunting and scenting abilities. This class offers great mental and physical exercise, builds the dog’s confidence and helps nervous dogs feel more comfortable. Dogs learn to problem solve and work independently.


Cheri Moore


Cheri has been a trainer at Dog-Gone Fun since 2016. Before her time with us, she started training puppy kindergarten, beginner obedience levels I & II and CGC classes at the Winston Salem Dog Training Club since 1999. Cheri has also owned her own dog training business and worked as an Animal Behavior College training mentor. She is a certified AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) evaluator.

She currently teaches all levels of obedience classes, introduction and beginning agility, AKC Canine Good Citizenship classes, AKC S.T.A.R. puppy class, really reliable recall class,  and is a Certified K9 Nose Work® Instructor (CNWI).


Cheri has trained and titled in Competition Obedience, Rally Obedience, Tracking, Master’s Agility, Fast Cat®, Therapy Dog, and Champion K9 Nose Work®.

Cheri and her German Shepherd are currently active in multiple dog sports.


Debbie Crews


Debbie Crews is a part of our training team, teaching Agility and has just began teaching K9 Nose Work® classes. In addition, she has assisted in obedience training in the past.


Since 2010, Debbie has been active in the agility world, when she first discovered the dog sport at Dog-Gone Fun. In this time, Debbie has competed across multiple Agility organizations:  AKC, USDAA, NADAC, CPE, & UKI. 


Debbie currently has 3 Rat Terriers of various ages and agility levels. She loves agility as it provides a great way for dogs to burn off energy while building great teamwork skills to navigate courses with their favorite handler (YOU!).         


Her K9 Nose Work® journey started in 2012 at Dog-Gone Fun. This has become a favorite sport among her dogs, harnessing the natural instinct of hunting. All of the dogs have different K9 Nose Work® titles ranging from NW2 to Elite. All of Debbie's dogs are well-versed with training in a variety of dog sports to find the right activity for each dog. They have titles in Trick training along with their CGC certifications. She continues to expand their sports world with exposure to Fast Cat, Barn Hunt, and Dock Diving. 


Niki Marchionne


Niki Marchionne is our Manager at Dog-Gone Fun. Her love for dogs led her to us in July 2011. She received her Associates Degree in Business Administration and Accounting from Rockingham Community College. You can find her most days at the front desk taking your reservations and answering emails. Niki has two dogs of her own, Ellie (Husky Mix) and Porter (Malamute), that she has attended K9 Nose Work® and Obedience classes with here at Dog-Gone Fun.


Caroline Currie

Trainer, Daycare Staff

Caroline Currie has been training dogs professionally since 2012. Caroline is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA), a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT), and a AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) evaluator. She joined the Dog-Gone Fun team in 2021. She currently teaches puppy classes. She also teaches enrichments sessions for daycare and boarding dogs at Dog-Gone Fun. K9 Nose Work® is one of her passions and she has begun her teaching journey there.

She follows the LIMA (least intrusive minimally aversive) technique of dog training and really enjoys applying ethology/biology to meet each dog’s individual needs. Caroline began her dog training journey in 2010 with her (now passed) reactive dog and really loves helping reactive dogs achieve progress and live happier lives using positive methods.

Caroline currently owns 3 dogs, Pippin (Miniature American Shepherd) and Chopper & Margot (Border Terriers). She enjoys competing in K9 Nose Work® with all three and participates in conformation with Chopper & Margot. She also participates in agility, rally, tricks, and Fast CAT.

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